Back to School for Moms

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Back to School

 Wow! Where did summer go? Today is the first day of school for my girls. It doesn’t seem possible that we have a junior, a sophomore, and an 8th grader this year.

The first day of school is always so bitter-sweet for me. I’m sure if you have littles still running around, you count down the days til school starts; I know I always did! But as a mom of now all teenage girls, it means that I don’t get to share every minute with my best friends. Please, don’t get me wrong! There are still days I want to choke the shit out of them, but it seems like those days are getting less and less as my mean little girls turn into my little ladies.


The first day of school also means that I get some of my time back! Time to do what I want and when I want, even if it’s nothing at all and most of the time that’s exactly what I want to do…nothing. Usually, within the first week of school, I treat myself to some much-needed, guilt-free pampering. Here are 5 things to choose from every mom should consider for herself during the first week of school.


  • Get a mani-pedi…you know your nails are in bad shape from peeling off all the stickers from new clothes and school supplies. And your toes, you’ve walked and tripped many times in the last few weeks trying to get everyone’s stuff together. Take an hour and go get your nails done, you deserve it!
  • Get a massage…even if it’s a 30-minute massage, it won’t be a waste of your time and your family will thank you for finally relaxing!
  • Take a nap…a real nap, girl you know you’re tired! An uninterrupted nap, a nap where you don’t have little toes in your face or an arm across your face. A REAL NAP, a refreshing nap!
  • Have lunch with a friend…It doesn’t need to be a fancy or expensive lunch. Just a simple lunch with a friend where you’re not serving 3-5 other people and eating cold food. Yes, I vividly remember the cold meal days and I’m not talking about a sandwich.
  • Go to the park…talk a walk without chasing your kids, watching for mud puddles and bugs, holding weeds (I mean flowers). The park can actually be relaxing; if nothing else, watch other parents work while you take the afternoon off!


Back to school is an exciting time for the kiddos, but it’s exhausting for parents or it is me anyway. So take a day or two and relax, you deserve it!

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