Tips & Tricks to Keep Weather Outside

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keep the cold air outside



Keep Winter Weather Outside With These Tips and Tricks

It’s mid-October and to say the least I’m very surprised at the mild weather we are having in the Midwest. We are still getting day-time temperatures around 80 degrees, which is very unusual. I took advantage of the nice temperatures and the weekend with half of my family being out of town to get our house ready for winter and keeping as much cold weather outside as possible. Our house was built in 1974, it’s a very well built house, but it’s definitely showing it’s age in some areas.


Ways I Keep Cold Air Outside


So, I wanted to share with you some of the things that I do to keep cold air outside in the winter months. I LOVE caulking! lol don’t ask me why it’s just something I love to do. Not only will caulking keep the cold air outside, it will also make some aspects of your home appear cleaner and/or newer and it will help keep bugs and other stuff outside as well. To get a good clean caulking line, you need to invest in some painters tape to help with this job. Place the tape along the baseboards and around the windows in your house; make sure not to place it too close or it will peel up all of the caulking when you remove the tape. With that being said, don’t place it too far away or you’ll have unsightly caulking lines everywhere. Make sure to choose a caulk that is paintable, that’s a whole ‘nother issue if you don’t, just trust me on this one!

The next step I like to take in keeping the cold air outside during the winter months is to put plastic on our windows and doors in the basement. The main floor has newer windows, so they don’t concern me as much, but I do caulk them anyways and I’m pretty sure the basement windows are the original windows in the house. They’re the old metal frames; I have looked at having them replaced, but that’s just not in our budget right now, unfortunately. So I put plastic on them! This is very easy to do and you can do it by yourself.

The preferred plastic that I have used is the Duck Window Kit; I’ve used it for several years now. The kit comes with double-sided tape; so all you will need is scissors and a blow dryer or heat gun. I say and choose to use the heat gun because I also LOVE small handheld tools, lol. I never tried the blower dryer method but that’s what the instructions recommend. I already had the heat gun, so of course, I had to try it out and I love how smooth and seamless it makes the plastic appear. Anyways, it’s super easy, the plastic is barely noticeable and it keeps the cold air outside.

Duck Window Kit
The plastic that I use on our windows and doors.
Wagner Heat Gun
The heat gun I use to smooth out the applied plastic.
Double-sided tape visual
A visual of the tape and plastic being applied.
walkout basement doors with plastic on them
And this is part of my finished project!

But You’re Not Done Yet

keep cold air outside

Closets and exterior doors are my next area of concern for cold air entering the house. Most people do not think about closets not being heated and when I say closets, I mean like coat closets or pantry’s that are usually placed on wall that is an exterior wall of your home. Have you ever noticed that when you open a closet door, that it’s usually a little cooler or warmer than the temperature of your house depending on the temperature outside? It’s because they’re not vented…I know it’s crazy! But depending on the size or age of your house, all those little gaps under the doors can really increase your utility bill.

Products I Use To Keep Cold Air Outside

I use the Twin Draft Guard on my doors; however, there are tons of other designs and styles to choose from. Brown just happens to go with the color palette of my home and it’s usually the cheapest. I put these on all of my exterior doors, closet doors, and the door going to the basement.

Another very easy and inexpensive way to keep the cold air outside is with outlet sealers and inserts. It is crazy to me how much cold air seeps in through electrical outlets. The sealers and inserts are very easy to install and the only tool you will need is a screwdriver. I also like to place these in the old phone jacks and cable outlets; like I said, our house was built in 1974 so yes we still have these in our home.


How Do You Keep The Cold Weather Outside?


keep the cold air outside

Do you do anything to insulate your home for the winter months? Did I miss something? I’d love for you to share your tips & tricks for keeping the cold weather outside with me. I love to save money and I do it wherever and however I can!

keep cold weather outside

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