Tips For Black Friday Shopping

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I love coupons and I love saving money, so needless to say, I love Black Friday Shopping!

Black Friday Shopping requires a lot of planning. Knowing what you want to buy, who has the best price, what time the store opens, knowing the Black Friday store history, and most importantly…who is watching the kids while you shop. You can look at the ads, sign up for store emails and download apps, but if you want it all in one place Black Friday has the info you’re looking for!


Already Get too Many Emails?

Do you already get too many emails in your inbox? Black Friday also has an app! But, I can assure you this is an email you want to open.  I have already received notification of stores that will be closed on Black Friday and some stores Black Friday ads have already been leaked!

Let’s get started getting you on your way to a successful Black Friday Shopping Trip! Are you excited yet? I am!!!



I know you are signed up with Ebates, right? If you’re not, you need to sign-up ASAP! Ebates is not just for online shopping anymore. There are a ton of retailers that offer cash back on in-store purchases. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Go sign-upI’ll wait…


Know What You’re Shopping For

Do you know what you’re shopping for? Who you’re shopping for and what they want?

It’s never too early to ask for a Christmas list from your kids, friends, or family. Kids think about Christmas all year long! And with retailers promoting the holiday earlier and earlier every year, it keeps their minds rolling. My kids are older and no longer believe in Santa; they know I shop for Christmas all year long! So they’re always sending me stuff they want for Christmas, lol.

Does your family draw names for Christmas? Do you have a favorite aunt or uncle that you buy for? Or is there only one niece or nephew in your family? Everyone loves getting gifts! Asking them what they would like, gives them a heads up that you are planning to give them a gift. Most people feel guilty if they receive and don’t give; not all gifts have to be expensive or even purchased. The most thoughtful gifts come from the heart.

So before you head out to go Black Friday shopping have your list of people that you are buying for ready to go! I’m notorious for impulse purchases on Black Friday; there’s just too many great deals!


Know What Stores You’re Going To

Believe it or not, there are actually stores that are closed on Black Friday. I know, it’s insane! So make sure you are not planning to hit up one of those stores to price match or beat the crowds.

Make a list of stores where you have found items you want to purchase and make note of what time they open AND what time their special pricing starts. Example, Wal-Mart will be open (times will vary by location) but some items will only be available from 7-11am with a special price or they’ll have a limited supply of an item that requires a bracelet to purchase and if you miss it; sorry Charlie, maybe next year…

You will also want to know the stores Black Friday customer history. Yes, this is a thing! People camp out for days leading up to Black Friday to make sure they get the item they want to purchase at a ridiculous price. They will stand in line for hours upon hours waiting for the store to open; yours truly is guilty. Make sure to find out if there are limited quantities and how hot the item is. Otherwise, when you show up at 6:45 am for the store to open at 7 am and the line is wrapped around the building; you can forget that must have item because you’re not getting it this time.


Who’s Staying With the Kids

Whether or not you are buying gifts for your kids, you DO NOT want to take your kids Black Friday shopping with you! And here’s why…

  1. It’s cold – no matter how nice it was earlier, it always gets cold when I’m Black Friday shopping.
  2. The stores are packed – no matter what store it is or where it’s at, it’s going to be packed.
  3. The lines are long – SOOOOOOOOO long! You can’t even imagine, so be ready to wait and wait.
  4. There’s no time to waste – not for little legs, diaper changes, snacks, nothing. You will need every minute of Black Friday shopping you have available to you!


I could go on and on about Black Friday shopping, seriously I could. It’s so much fun! I know there’s a ton of information that I left out, so if you have a question just let me know. I’m more than happy to help a fellow bargain shopper out!








Black Friday Shopping


  1. Roger | 29th Oct 17

    I enjoyed reading this. I work out of my home so can completely relate.

  2. Falasha | 29th Oct 17

    Great tips! Certainly a time to leave the little ones at home. I have heard great things about ebates but I never tried it.
    xoxo Falasha
    Bite My Fashion
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  3. Dada | 31st Oct 17

    I have heard so much about this black friday in the US! Is it true that people die because there are so much people by the opening hour?😮 We have a much smaller imitation of black friday here in Switzerland but I have never attended to one.

    • malcolmmom | 31st Oct 17

      It’s definitely chaotic! I can’t confirm if anyone has died but I know that there are fights and such 😬

  4. Megan Englund | 14th Nov 17

    I will not be taking my child with me! That is great advice. I can’t wait to go shopping!

    • malcolmmom | 14th Nov 17

      Same! I’m already making my list ☺️

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