Question: What Is The Minimum Wage At Dollar Tree?

How much do Family Dollar employees get paid?

Family Dollar Stores Inc pays its employees an average of $10.50 an hour.

Hourly pay at Family Dollar Stores Inc ranges from an average of $8.54 to $14.26 an hour..

What day of the week does Dollar General get paid?

DG pays weekly. You will get you deposit on the Money Network card roughly between 9pm and 11:59pm on Thursday, though your first check is held for a week and you are able to get paid as soon as Wednesday if you get direct deposit into your bank account.

How much does Dollar Tree pay overnight?

The typical Dollar Tree Overnight Stocker makes $10 per hour. Overnight Stocker hourly pay at Dollar Tree can range from $8 – $13. This estimate is based upon 23 Dollar Tree Overnight Stocker salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

Does the Dollar Tree drug test?

No drug tests are given at Dollar Tree.

Does the Dollar Tree hire felons?

While Dollar Tree does hire felons, they do not hire anyone with a violent or sexual offense, and they typically don’t employ individuals with a conviction of theft or forgery. For other crimes, Dollar Tree will consider an applicant based on: The nature of the offense and the circumstances.

How much does Dollar Tree pay their cashiers?

The typical Dollar Tree Cashier makes $9 per hour. Cashier hourly pay at Dollar Tree can range from $7 – $89.

What time do Dollar Tree employees get paid?

9:00 am, was a direct deposit. Employees can be paid bi-weekly via direct deposit.

Does Dollartree pay holiday pay?

4 answers. Paid holidays at dollar tree are 8.00 An hour.

Is working at Dollar Tree Easy?

Overall, I really enjoy working at Dollar Tree. The managers and employees are all very friendly and easy to work with. It’s a part time job so it’s very easy to work around my school schedule. However, I only get paid minimum wage, the shift is typically four to five hours, and I’m lucky if I get 20 hours a week.

Does Dollar Tree pay time and a half for holidays?

Do not expect time and a half. Ive been with Dollar Tree for 8yrs now and we only get $1.50 more an hour on holidays and if we work between 12 AM n 6 AM we get $1.00 more an hour.. As a part time sales associate, you DO NOT get the customary time n a half pay..

Does Dollartree pay minimum wage?

In 2017, CNBC reported that Dollar General started its sales associates at an hourly wage of $7.87 — 62 cents above the $7.25 federal minimum wage. … Hourly wages at Dollar Tree in 2017 were $8.17 to $8.26, and Indeed reports the average pay in 2019 to be $8.70 for a customer service associate.

What are the benefits of working at Dollar Tree?

Employees by Benefit/PerkBenefit/Perk. Employees.401(k)Paid Holidays / Vacation.Paid Sick Leave.Life Insurance/Disability.Flex-Time / Flexible Schedule.Casual Dress/Atmosphere.Stock Purchase Plan.

What does a cashier do at Dollar Tree?

Traditionally an entry-level retail job, Dollar Tree cashiers provide customer service and perform basic tasks at store locations. Primary job duties for Dollar Tree cashiers include greeting customers, ringing up purchases, handling returns, and answering questions about products, policy, and services.

What is the dress code for Dollar Tree employees?

Dress Code for Dollar Tree You can either wear a green or a white polo. As well as black or khaki colored pants. A uniform is not provided.

What does a store stocker do?

A stocker is responsible for inventory stocking and management in a retail or department store. Some of the duties stockers typically have typically include: Stocking store shelves with product shipments. Assembling and removing manufacturer marketing displays on the sales floor.

Is Little Caesars a good job?

Little Caesars was a good job. It was very relaxing and fun. It didn’t ever really feel like a job. It felt like working for nothing because it was fun to do.

What is the starting pay at Dollar Tree?

Average Dollar Tree hourly pay ranges from approximately $11.96 per hour for Retail Assistant Manager to $16.00 per hour for Forklift Operator. The average Dollar Tree salary ranges from approximately $22,000 per year for Assistant Store Manager to $38,634 per year for Store Manager.

How much does Dollar Tree pay an Hour 2020?

Hourly pay at Dollar Tree Stores Inc ranges from an average of $7.63 to $14.13 an hour. Dollar Tree Stores Inc employees with the job title Merchandising Manager make the most with an average hourly rate of $13.35, while employees with the title Cashier make the least with an average hourly rate of $8.50.

How much do Dollar Tree pay stockers make?

Dollar Tree Stocker Hourly Pay. The typical Dollar Tree Stocker makes $9 per hour. Stocker hourly pay at Dollar Tree can range from $7 – $12. This estimate is based upon 46 Dollar Tree Stocker salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

Does Dollar Tree pay every week?

5 answers. Dollar Tree get paid bi-weekly on a Friday.

Does Dollar Tree give raises?

Dollar Tree gives tiny raises on an annual basis. No, especially during the holidays. they hire holiday help and give them more hours and money than their regular employees. … No Dollar Tree do not give raises at regular intervals.